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Welcome to Grand Rapids Veterinary Clinic.

Puppy and Kitten Care

cute-kittenIt is extremely important that your new puppy or kitten receives a comprehensive wellness exam soon after bringing them into your home. These first exams are very important because we want to make sure that your new family member is healthy. It is also important to protect the health of any other pets already living in your home when you bring in a new addition. Our veterinarians will conduct a thorough exam and check for any health problems including heart murmurs, eye problems, internal and external parasites, and bite or teeth alignment that may affect your puppy or kitten’s overall health and life expectancy.

Because it’s best to start building a strong immune system early on, we recommend puppies and kittens come in for their first wellness exam by the time they’ve reached 7–8 weeks of age. During this visit, we’ll discuss your young pet’s lifestyle, and the kinds of activities you’ll be doing together so that we can design a customized vaccination and parasite prevention program that is tailored specifically to the needs of your new pet.

We will also take time to discuss:

  • house training,
  • feeding schedules,
  • behavior training,
  • spaying/neutering,
  • dental care,
  • proper pet nutrition,

We will help you schedule follow-up appointments to complete the vaccination series.

Good Pet Nutrition

It is also very important to make sure your new pet starts out life with appropriate nutrition. Poor nutrition can lead to poor quality of life. There are other nutritional issues to address early in life to avoid obesity. Obesity can cause metabolic syndrome and other health and joint issues. It can also shorten his or her life by a couple of years. We stress the importance of proper nutrition and will give you tips to develop good eating and exercise habits now that will enhance your pet’s good condition and help maintain a healthy weight for his or her whole life.